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Heart Foundation Walking

Heart Foundation walking is a fun, social and easy way to be active and best of all it’s FREE!

It is Australia’s largest network of community-based walking groups with over 17,000 active members. Groups are led by volunteer walk organisers and we have a number of them located across the City of Salisbury.

Joining or starting a walking group in your area is a great way to get active and meet new people. Every walking group is different - varying in size, duration of walk, level of difficulty and meeting times and places.

Heart Foundation walking groups in Salisbury

To find a suitable Heart Foundation walking group near you and for more information contact the Salisbury Heart Foundation Walking groups and speak to the relevant volunteer Walk Organiser. You can also contact Jack Young Centre (JYC) on 8406 8525 for a list of Heart Foundation walking groups across the City of Salisbury.

For further information check Heart Foundation website or call the Local Coordinator, Jim Binder on 8406 8251.

Interested in starting a walking group in your area?

Being a volunteer walk organiser is fun and easy - you only need one other walker to start a group and it should only take 5 minutes on top of the time actually spent walking. You will also receive great support and resources.

Visit the Heart Foundation Walking group registration website for more information.

Take a look at the two National Heart Foundation Walking promotional videos that feature Salisbury groups:

Walkability checklist - check to see how walkable your local community is. Download the flyer.