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Strength for Life

Not feeling as strong as you used to?

The ‘Strength for Life’ program has been receiving great reviews from people participating in this specific Over 50’s strength program available at many local gyms and centres.

Ageing has long been associated with a loss of physical strength, function and mobility. However, research has shown that regardless of age, muscular strength can be regained and maintained by undertaking an appropriately prescribed strength training program.

What is Strength For Life?

The Strength For Life program promotes health and well-being and is designed to enable people 50 years and over to access affordable, fun and supervised training sessions. Participants in the Strength For Life program engage in progressive strength training, using appropriate and increasingly heavy resistance under the supervision of fitness professionals. Research has also shown that strength training can alleviate the effects of chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, Heart Disease, chronic Kidney Disease and depression.

Strength Training has also been shown to:

  • Improve balance and reduce risk of falling
  • Enhance mental well-being
  • Improve body composition (more muscle, less fat)
  • Raise self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Reduce lower back pain
  • Enhance older people's ability to undertake activities of daily living and maintain an independent lifestyle

For a list of gyms and session times running ‘Strength for Life’ in Salisbury click here. Contact them direct for details.

For more on the ‘Strength for Life’ program click here.