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Experiencing difficulty paying your rates?

The City of Salisbury is committed to assisting ratepayers who are experiencing difficulty paying their rates to manage their payments and assist them to better manage their rates on an ongoing basis.

Payment arrangements

Payment arrangements can be created for ratepayers to schedule their rate payments across the financial year. Instalment options available are weekly, fortnightly or monthly. This then reduces the impact of making a rates payment quarterly into smaller, more manageable ongoing payments.

The City of Salisbury will not take any further recovery action while a customer is maintaining a payment arrangement; however Fines and/ or Interest are still applicable in accordance with Local Government Act 1999.

Payment arrangements can be made via eServices online or through contacting Council by phone, email or visiting Council offices.

eServices Service Agreement

eServices Arrangement to Pay FAQ's

To make a payment arrangement via eServices online you must be a registered user. Please contact us for assistance if required.

Financial hardship

If you believe you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact the Rates Team to discuss submitting an application form.

The Financial Hardship policy applies to families and individuals who are experiencing temporary and/or ongoing financial hardship to assist in managing rates for owner/occupied properties.

A copy of the Financial Hardship Policy and can be found via the link below:

Financial Hardship Policy.

Seniors postponement of rates

The Local Government Act provides the option for State Seniors Card holders to apply to postpone their Council rates, on their principal place of residence (that, is the place lived in most of the time) and if no other person other than their spouse has an interest as owner of the property. At least $500 must be paid each year, and can be made in quarterly instalments, or more frequent smaller amounts.

The postponed rates are subject to a monthly interest charge 7.05% annually for 2023/24, which is 2% lower than the interest applying to rate accounts in arrears. The postponed amount is paid on disposal or sale of the property. However, the postponed amount may be paid at any earlier time at the ratepayer’s discretion. (Example below)

Total rates amount $1500
You pay $500 (or $125 per quarter, or smaller more frequent amounts)
Amount of rates postponed $1,000

Ratepayers are only able to postpone current rates and future rates under this Scheme. Noting that any rate arrears that are currently overdue at the time of your application is unable to be postponed. Alternative payments options such as payment in full of any arrears needs to be considered.

For more information regarding Senior's postponement please click here to view the information brochure.

Consequences of default in payment


If an instalment of rates is not paid on or before the date on which it falls due:

  • the instalment will be regarded as being in arrears and a fine of 2% of the amount of the instalment is payable and
  • on the expiration of each full month from that date, interest at the prescribed percentage of the amount in arrears (including the amount of any previous unpaid fine but excluding interest from any previous month) accrues.

Please note: a 2% fine will be applied to any instalment amount not paid by the due date. This includes rates that are in a payment arrangement.


In any case where the default in payment of rates (including instalments) occurs, Council may without further notice commence proceedings for all amounts due. Recovery proceedings available to Council include:

  • proceedings in any court competent jurisdiction
  • an order requiring an occupier of a property to pay to Council amounts of rent otherwise payable to the owner of the property
  • such other legal processes as deemed appropriate by Council
  • compulsory sale of property

For more information please contact us on 8406 8222 or at