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Council Careers Opportunities


Hot Jobs

Want to be a trainee?

  • Council is committed to supporting local trainees, contact Maxima on (08) 8340 7766 to apply.

Are you casual?

  • We recruit casual positions through an external agency. Please contact Randstad on 08 8468 8000 to apply.

Interested in volunteering?

You’ve never seen diversity like it!

  • Local Government is one of the most diverse employers you’ll find. There is a large range of jobs on offer right across Local Government, check the LGA Careers in Council website for more details.
  • Our staff provide support to a varied and diverse community.

Are you young and professional?

  • We support our young professionals with a committee, forums, networking, socialising and development opportunities.

With so much opportunity at Salisbury – what are you waiting for? Apply Now!