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The City of Salisbury Waste Reduction Policy Direction is to reduce overall waste generation and waste going to landfill, and encourage resource recovery, reuse and recycling opportunities.

Leading by example

The City of Salisbury aims to lead by example in improving waste management services provided to the community and focussing on Council's own waste generation and disposal methods to make disposal more economically, environmentally and socially viable for Council and the community.

Waste or resource?

One person's waste is another person's resource. Council will continue to investigate potential opportunities for realising the connections between what is considered waste or resource in addition to promoting actions that assist in mitigating irresponsible waste disposal.

Strategic partnerships

Council seeks to develop partnerships with businesses and Government agencies to develop and promote innovative ways to assist companies in reducing resource use and waste as well as promoting recycling. This will allow greater information exchange that will enable the development of innovative approaches in resource use, recycling and waste management that achieve environmental, social and economic benefits to businesses.

Community involvement

Council also encourages and educates the community to make informed choices to minimise overall waste generation, increase recycling and reduce waste going to landfill. In a survey conducted by the State Government in April 2005, the average level of concern among Salisbury residents about recycling was higher than the metropolitan average, and 51 per cent of residents consider that waste avoidance means recycling. These figures show that overall the community is conscious of the importance of recycling.

Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority (NAWMA)

The City of Salisbury has made progress towards more sustainable waste management via its membership with the NAWMA, which included the establishment of a new landfill site at Uleybury.

Waste management in Salisbury includes initiatives such as kerbside recycling, bailing of commercial and domestic waste and garden waste collection.

Council partners with NAWMA and offers a Resource Recovery Centre at Pooraka which provides for green waste and residential hard waste including small electrical items and e-waste. This is further complemented by the new hard waste pick up service which also caters for residential hard waste.

The longer term plan for the landfill site at Uleybury is to extract methane gas with volumes that could potentially power up to 1000 homes.

Since 1995, the amount of waste NAWMA has diverted from landfill has increased from 10 per cent to approximately 45 per cent.

NAWMA conducts a comprehensive series of education and community awareness programs to help people make informed decisions about waste management.

For more information about NAWMA, please visit the NAWMA website.

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