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Urban Development and Transport

The City of Salisbury's Urban Development and Transport Policy Direction applies innovative planning policies and strategies to optimise ecologically sustainable urban development within the City to encourage and facilitate integrated transport networks and reduce reliance on fossil fuel motorised forms of transport.

Leading by example

The City of Salisbury aims to lead by example, incorporating Green Star Energy ratings into new buildings and providing sustainable transport options. This focus involves ensuring that all Council development is done in an ecologically sustainable manner, promoting principles of energy efficiency, water conservation, waste avoidance and recycling. Additionally, Council will provide and promote sustainable forms of transport for staff.


Salisbury actively promotes integrated land use and transport planning in all new urban development and regeneration areas as well as promoting non-motorised forms of transport.

This relates not only to increasing urban density around existing public transport nodes to reduce private car use, but also incorporates implementing Healthy by Design principles to encourage pedestrian and non-motorised modes of transport.

Council encourages partnerships with relevant Government bodies to facilitate major transport and freight route infrastructure in appropriate locations to increase efficiencies in transport movement.

The location of the Northern Expressway coupled with the proposed inter-modal terminal and the Greater Edinburgh Parks Industrial area will allow for improved fuel efficiencies in road-rail transport via separation from residential and suburban traffic routes.

These networks also contribute to creating employment opportunities within the City for residents, leading to reduced work commute travel time.

Salisbury also facilitates opportunities to increase public awareness and choice in non-motorised modes of transport and more sustainable urban development choices.

Council supports initiatives such as Travel Smart, the walking school bus, ride and/or walk to work days to encourage the community to choose more sustainable forms of travel. Council also promote more sustainable choices when undertaking residential and commercial development.

Urban Development

Salisbury's commitment to sustainability has nurtured a healthy and cohesive community.

Mawson Lakes is a community developed in partnership with Government and private enterprise incorporating solar passive and energy efficient subdivision and housing designs, access to recycled water and opportunities for water sensitive urban design. This has provided certainty for businesses that have invested in the region, via collaborative approaches that seek operational solutions that are both environmentally responsible and cost efficient.

Edinburgh Parks, developed by the Land Management Corporation, is unique because stormwater generated on site by large individual users is recycled through the Aquifer Storage and Recovery system (ASR) and pumped through a separate non-potable water system for reuse by commercial clients.