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St Kilda Mangrove Boardwalk Temporarily Closed (UPDATED)
The Mangrove Trail has reopened with conditions, following repairs. The first 300m of the trail is open and accessible to the public. The last 200m section of the trail to the lookout is currently closed.


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St Kilda Mangroves

St Kilda Mangrove Dieback

Salisbury’s Mangrove forest is a highly prized environmental asset and a key part of the character and attraction of the area. We would all have read or heard through the media about the environmental damage that has occurred to the waterways in and around St Kilda.

Council has been supporting the community and local residents with the Mayor liaising with an alliance of St Kilda residents and concerned groups.

Internally, Council staff support the State Government departments in developing strategies to investigate, understand and resolve how to reinstate and improve the mangrove forest and associated environmental issues, so that the forest remains for generations to come.

If you would like any further information on the issues related to the mangroves, you will find the Department of Energy and Mines website an excellent reference point, with comprehensive documentation and daily updates on the complex issues associated with the area.

Alternatively, information can also be found on the St Kilda Mangroves Alliance website, please click here.