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Sustainability and Climate Change

Sustainability is our responsibility

There is universal agreement that urgent action needs to be taken if we are to save the planet. The importance of practicing and embracing the philosophies of sustainability is becoming a greater priority for communities due to the impacts of climate change, declining water supply and species biodiversity, and our ecological footprint.

It is now widely accepted that the global climate is changing. While there is natural variability in the Northern Adelaide region, we can expect to live and operate in a climate that is warmer and drier, has different patterns of rainfall, less available moisture retained in the soil, more extreme events such as heatwaves and fire, and higher sea levels. The projections for the Northern Adelaide region in 2070 from the high emissions scenario (upon which the Earth is currently tracking) expect to result in:

  • annual rainfall declining by about 11%
  • rainfall intensity increasing by up to 16%
  • annual maximum temperatures are projected to increase by 2.3ºC
  • annual minimum temperatures increasing by 2ºC
  • extreme heat days per year (i.e. days >35ºC) in Gawler and Adelaide could increase by 76% to 82%, respectively (equivalent to 31 or 44 days, respectively)

Our commitment

Sustainability and responding to the issues of climate change should not be a stand alone policy, but rather an overriding strategy that impacts on all actions and responsibilities of Council. This includes the way we maintain our roads, collect and recycle waste, through to urban development and transport, and even the way we, as individual employees, behave in performing our everyday roles. We recognise that achieving sustainability is non-negotiable and the key to a better future for its citizens. Salisbury is meeting the challenges of sustainability in its own backyard, demonstrated by leadership in the fields of water conservation and management, waste recovery and the provision of open spaces.

Climate adaptation

In partnership with the City of Playford and the State Government, we've prepared a Climate Change Adaptation Plan in 2016. This Plan identifies a range of actions to help local government, communities and businesses across the northern Adelaide region to respond and adapt to changes in climate and associated impacts. Download a PDF version of Adapting Northern Adelaide here.

Sustainability Strategy 2035

The City of Salisbury has prepared a Sustainability Strategy 2035 to guide future directions and ensure our city remains healthy, resilient and sustainable for current and future generations.

The Strategy was adopted by Council on 26 June 2023. The Engagement Report summarises the findings from the consultation.

With your help, we can be a #SustainableSalisbury, for all of us and our future generations to enjoy.