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Natural Resource Management

The City of Salisbury's Natural Resource Management Policy Direction is to promote integrated water management via the harvesting, recycling and reuse of stormwater, and to encourage and promote sustainable land management practices including soils, rivers, coastal and marine ecosystems.

Salisbury will continue to develop the Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) and wetland programs and promote the use of recycled water in Council operations wherever viable and apply best practice in reducing overall water demand in the maintenance of landscapes and reserves. This includes using recycled water in the irrigation of reserves in conjunction with measures to reduce overall water consumption such as mulching, species selection and alternative treatments to turf.

Council promotes the benefits of best practice water and natural resource management in all forms of urban development both during construction and over the life of the development.

Salisbury makes recycled water available to all residents in new urban areas as well as commerce and industry, incorporates water sensitive urban design and implements stormwater catchment management principles to mitigate soil erosion and sedimentation pollution in waterways, control dust generation and remediation of contaminated lands.

Council encourages partnerships with Government and private sector to promote the use of recycled water, more efficient water usage as well as reducing the environmental impacts of businesses on natural systems. This includes encouraging environmentally sustainable business opportunities that utilise recycled water in conjunction with minimising air and water pollution, contamination and soil degradation. It also includes the continued support and part funding of Stormwater Protection Officers in conjunction with the EPA and working closely with the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Natural Resources Management Board to assist where possible in NRM projects and programs.

Salisbury continues to support and encourage programs that raise awareness about recycled water and best practice natural resources management. The Watershed Sustainability Centre not only houses the Waterwatch program, but also provides educational interpretive displays in conjunction with the South Australian Museum. There are also a number of volunteer programs which assist in the remediation and restoration of natural systems.

Visit the Natural Resources | Adelaide Hill and Fleurieu website

The website contains information on a range of topics including:

  • water
  • land
  • biodiversity
  • pest control
  • pest animals
  • pest plants (weeds)
  • community action
  • and much more.

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