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The City of Salisbury's Energy Policy Direction is to reduce overall energy consumption and increase energy efficiency, and to optimise the use of renewable energy.

Salisbury aims to lead by example in energy efficient practice and to adopt renewable energy technologies. Council as an organisation will actively contribute to reduce its energy use and look at other alternatives for renewable energy sources in day-to-day operations, as well as in its future strategic planning.

Council investigates opportunities via planning and building controls for further energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies in urban development. This includes the development of specific and detailed design techniques and performance criteria for solar orientation and solar passive building design as part of the City of Salisbury Development Plan.

The role that the community plays is also vital in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and encouraging renewable energy sources. Salisbury undertakes to encourage and educate the community to minimise energy use in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable renewable energy options. Having an educated, well informed and aware community that actively participates in reducing our consumption of carbon based fuels and increasing the use of renewable technologies is a significant asset and contributor to saving our environment.

The City of Salisbury actively looks to develop relationships with Government energy agencies and private enterprise to form partnerships to increase economic opportunities for energy efficiencies and encourage renewable energy sources. Council understands the importance of building networks and relationships with relevant stakeholders, both private and public, in order to increase information exchange and awareness of future viable economic opportunities and solutions for both renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions.

As such, Salisbury supports a number of energy initiatives; Salisbury was one of the first cities to participate in the Adelaide Solar City Trial.