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Tourism and Visitor Strategy

Developing a Tourism and Visitor Strategy is “new ground and slightly left field” for the City of Salisbury in terms of its natural recognition and existing perceptions of it as a tourist and visitor destination.

The City of Salisbury is determined to explore the opportunities to change that. With the right vision, the right mindset and approach, a strong story, key attractions, credible ambassadors and collaborative partners, it can benefit from the increasing popularity of surrounding tourist areas.

To develop the plan, we needed to paint a picture of what the current tourism and visitor environment looks like for City of Salisbury; work out what our key strengths are, what the challenges are and how we might overcome them.

The strategy is closely aligned to the City of Salisbury Living City Identity brand, the Building City Pride Strategy and the new City Plan 2030 and will focus on achieving the following aims:

  • Increasing city pride throughout our community;
  • Increasing our appeal as both a tourism and visitor destination;
  • Increasing the number of visitors to the area and encouraging them to spend more whilst they’re here;
  • Encouraging investment in new tourism businesses, visitor experiences and infrastructure; and
  • Guiding Council in its investment of resources that support tourism and visitor growth over the next five years.

Click here to download the Tourism & Visitor Strategy 2016 - 2021

Further Background

Council has dedicated a considerable amount of time and funding in recent times to the development of key tourism and visitor infrastructure including significant investment in the St Kilda Adventure Playground and involvement in the creation of the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary. Salisbury is home to a number of natural assets and visitor attractions that provide a unique point of difference that can be promoted and connected to build a reputation as a desirable tourist and visitor destination.

The City of Salisbury has a diverse and growing population with a strong multicultural history and character. Event programs such as the Salisbury Writers Festival and the Salisbury Secret Garden Fringe event are starting to put the area on the map as a cultural tourism destination.

In line with its Building City Pride Strategy and economic development aims, City of Salisbury is looking to capitalise on the opportunities that tourism presents by developing a strategy that defines what is possible, addresses barriers to growth and provides leadership and vision to create and achieve tourism and visitor growth targets.