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Sustainability Strategy 2035

As a community, we are fortunate to live, work, visit and play amongst a unique and beautiful natural environment. The importance of practicing and embracing the philosophies of sustainability is becoming a greater priority for communities due to the impacts of climate change, declining water supply and species biodiversity, and our ecological footprint.

The City of Salisbury's Sustainability Strategy 2035 presents a shared commitment for Council and the community to enhance and protect the natural environment, responsibly manage resources, reduce carbon emissions and be resilient in a changing climate. It was adopted by Council on 26 June 2023 following community consultation in April-May 2023. The Engagement Report summaries the findings from the consultation.

The Strategy creates a framework to address sustainability over the next decade under five key themes:

  1. Biodiverse Salisbury – to have a balance of green spaces and natural environments that support biodiversity
  2. Carbon Responsible Salisbury – to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  3. Climate Resilient Salisbury – to ensure our community, environment and infrastructure are prepared and adaptive to climate change
  4. Resourceful Salisbury – to reduce waste and increase resource recovery
  5. Waterwise Salisbury – to responsibly manage water use.

The Strategy identifies actions that the City of Salisbury will undertake in its own operations and how the community will be supported to act sustainably. This will be done through:

  • Leading in our own operations and incorporating sustainability into our projects, practices and policies and in responding to the community
  • Partnering to support community action, attract investment, share or acquire knowledge, reduce and share the costs of action and maximise benefits.

With your help, we can be a #SustainableSalisbury, for all of us and our future generations to enjoy.