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Landscape Plan

The City of Salisbury has become recognised as a vibrant hub; home to a diverse and proud community.

The city now seeks to build upon its distinctive landscapes and public open spaces. It has developed a robust and visionary set of policies and guidelines for the future development of new and existing public domain, landscape areas, road corridors, reserves, amenity landscapes, areas of cultural and environmental significance, industrial and residential developments. This has culminated in the development of 'The City of Salisbury Landscape Plan'.

The Landscape Plan proposes a cohesive direction for existing and future development of the City of Salisbury’s landscapes.

The Landscape Plan will provide a clear set of guidelines to strengthen the unique physical characteristics of the City of Salisbury, underpinned by the key principles of promoting biodiversity, water sensitive urban design, crime prevention through environmental design, and quality landscape design.

The City of Salisbury Landscape Plan is intended to be a dynamic and evolving document that is continuously reviewed, improved and updated to keep abreast of innovations in urban design, landscape architecture and civil engineering design, planning, and asset management.

Download a copy of The City of Salisbury Landscape Plan

Please note: This is a very large file. It is advised that you do not use mobile device to access this file as data charges may apply.