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Strategic Asset Management Plans

The objective of the Asset Management Strategy (Strategic Asset Management Plan) is to establish a framework that will guide the planning, construction, maintenance and operation of the City of Salisbury’s infrastructure.

Infrastructure assets such as roads, drains, bridges and public buildings present particular challenges. Their condition and longevity can be difficult to determine. Financing needs can be large, requiring planning for large peaks and troughs in expenditure for renewing and replacing such assets.

The Asset Management Strategy will:

  • Show how assets will meet the service delivery needs of the community into the future,
  • Enable Council’s Asset Management Policies to be achieved; and
  • Ensure the integration of Council’s Asset Management with its Long Term Strategic and Financial Plans.
  • Asset Management supports service delivery by ensuring our assets are managed:
    • In the most cost effective manner
    • Through creation, maintenance, operation, rehabilitation and disposal of assets
    • For present and future consumers

Modelling shows that Asset Management Plans reduce risk and cost. Planned works are more affordable and have lower risks than simply re-acting to what are often foreseeable issues.

Council has developed seven Asset Management Plans with the current asset register, updated condition data and improved estimates of asset lives and unit costs. Importantly, the Plans have been aligned with Council’s Annual Budget and Long Term Financial Plan.

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Strategic Asset Management Plans