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Regional Public Health Plan

"The places where we live, and the opportunities they provide, contribute to our health and wellbeing by giving us access to the economic resources and services we need, and the facilities and spaces we use to learn, play, exercise and connect".

The City of Salisbury is committed to delivering strategies, policies and services that support the health and wellbeing of community members. Above and beyond our, core public health responsibilities such as waste management and food safety regulation, Council invests in a wide range of initiatives that help to support positive mental and physical health, and prevent ill-health.

The Regional Public Health Plan, also known as the City of Salisbury Wellbeing Plan 2023-2028, identifies the full range of current and planned initiatives that the City of Salisbury is delivering to enhance our communities' health and wellbeing.

This Plan supports the achievement of the City of Salisbury City Plan 2035, and aligns with the State Public Health Plan's four 'Ps' priority areas:

Promote – promote good health by building stronger communities and healthier environments

Protect – protect against public and environmental health risks and respond to climate change

Prevent – prevent chronic disease, communicable disease and injury

Progress – strengthen the systems that support public health and wellbeing.