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Community Aged Age Friendly Strategy

Age Friendly Salisbury Strategy 2022-2027

The City of Salisbury is proud to be recognised by the World Health Organisation as an Age Friendly City. An Age Friendly City is one that people of all ages from birth to end of life can live well in.

This strategy has been developed with significant input from the local residents of the City of Salisbury from a range of ages to ensure it is reflective of the needs and priorities of our community. We especially recognise the input by the Salisbury Seniors Alliance into developing and implementing this strategy.

Salisbury's Senior Alliance

The Salisbury Seniors Alliance will be a forum that:

  • Allows older people to have an ongoing voice in the implementation of the City of Salisbury’s Age-friendly Strategy,
  • Be able to make comments to Council about issues that affect their lives; and
  • Work together to promote and advance age-friendly initiatives in the local community.

To register your interest either contact Myfanwy Mogford on 8406 8498 or via email

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