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Council About Our Vision

Thrive Strategy

"Wellbeing is important to all of us. No matter our present circumstances, everyone wants to be safe, healthy and happy; everyone wants to feel a sense of purpose and prosperity".

The City of Salisbury has long been committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of our community. Whether through the provision of spaces and facilities, the delivery of services, programs and events, or our support for community groups and initiatives, Council plays a key role in helping our residents to come together, develop a sense of community, and build physical and mental health.

But we understand that our communities are facing many challenges that make achieving good health and wellbeing increasingly difficult. Our fast-paced modern lives make it difficult to build and sustain friendships and community connections, and for many of us, we are not able to be as physically active as we would like. The ongoing cost-of-living crisis is adding to our stress, and making it more and more difficult to get involved in enriching activities.

To respond to these emerging trends, the Salisbury Council developed the Thrive Strategy. Thrive aims to achieve a step-change in our community's wellbeing by focussing on building the kind of social and physical conditions that all of us need in order to thrive.

Building on extensive research and community engagement, Thrive identifies six key outcomes that each of us need to achieve a sense of wellbeing. A Thriving Salisbury is one where we are all:

Socially Connected – we have strong networks of friendship, support

Physically Active – we have active lifestyles; we walk, cycle, and play for fitness and fun

Learning & Aspiring – we are actively developing and applying our individual talents; we are pursuing our dreams

Culturally Enriched – we are exposed to local art, culture, and heritage; we feel a part of Salisbury's Story

Civically Engaged – we are actively involved in our communities; we volunteer and we make things happen

Safe & Secure – we feel safe, we have access to dignified housing and nutritious food; we are managing through the cost-of-living crisis

Thrive Flower

The Thrive Flower will help to guide us as we deliver our places, spaces, services, and programs into the future.

To accelerate our efforts, we have developed the Thrive Action Plan to trial a number of exciting initiatives over the next two years, designed to achieve meaningful progress in each petal of the Thrive Flower. By concentrating on rigorous evaluation, we will be able to identify what impact we have had, and what works best for our community.

We hope that all community members will join us on the Thrive journey. Over the next two years, you'll be seeing a lot more of the Thrive Flower, and you'll have the opportunity to get involved in a range of new and exciting programmes designed to help you to Thrive!