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Lost and Found Dogs

My dog has gone missing and I am not sure what to do?

As a responsible dog owner, there are several options available to you to report a missing dog.  The City of Salisbury encourages you to contact either of the following organisations: 


Contact Number

City of Salisbury

8406 8222, (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

Animal Welfare League

8348 1300

RSPCA Headquarters 

1300 4 RSPCA (77722)

RSPCA Animal Shelter Lonsdale

8382 0888

Your vet clinic and other vet clinics in your area


What happens if I find a dog? 

The City of Salisbury encourages you to: 

  • Call our General Inspectorate team on 8406 8222
  • Log it on the Register of Found dogs

Our team can come to you and collect the lost dog if required.

There are no fees passed onto you for collecting the dog as this is a Council Service.

For further information please see our Found Dog Information Sheet.

What happens if I don’t contact the City of Salisbury or allow their General Inspectorate team to help reunite the dog with the owner? 

  • You can become responsible for the dog and its actions whilst in your care.
  • Not knowing the behavioural background of the dog could present some risks.  It may be the dog is aggressive in certain circumstances and may cause damage to your property trying to escape or the dog may become a noise nuisance. 
  • If you hold the dog for more than 14 days, you are legally required to register it.

Other Animals

If you find another animal, then we encourage you contact the City of Salisbury’s General Inspectorate team on 8406 8222, who will provide you with the appropriate advice and resolve the matter.