Working on your Wellbeing

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Many of you would be aware that South Australia is known as the ‘State of Wellbeing’...

...especially with the Wellbeing and Resilience Centre at SAHMRI (known as the cheese-grater on North Tce) working with schools, businesses and the community, in building the wellbeing and resilience of people . You can find out more at


Council's Community Health & Wellbeing Division has previously run workshops for older adults and staff in the past and may do so again in the future.


Wellbeing Model 

The models of wellbeing that has been used in South Australia is Martin Seligman’s PERMA+.

The letters stand for…

P – Positive Emotion

E – Engagement

R – Resilience

M – Meaning

A – Accomplishment

+ (H) Health


Over the next few editions we will highlight some practical ideas on how you can develop these pillars of Wellbeing.


Positive Emotion

Dial up Positivity by finding your ‘Jolts of joy’. Reach for a favourite song, a funny video, or anything /anyone that makes you smile.  Maybe watch a beautiful sunset

What went well? Reflect on what went well today and just as important, identify what made this possible (ie think about why it went well). Take note and try to replicate. Eg I was in a good mood; I made the effort to go and had a good time; ‘x’ always makes me laugh’.