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Regulations, Licences and Forms

Regulations and Licences

There have been key changes in the Local Government Cemeteries Regulations 2010.

These changes include:

  1. All new licensees are required to have the terms and conditions of their licence explained and documented in plain English. A plain English agreement has been developed by the Cemeteries Association of South Australia. This document explains simply the responsibilities of the licensee and the cemetery and must be signed by both parties before the lease is finalised.
  2. Cemetery staff are now required to physically check the name on the faceplate of the coffin against the name on the death certificate.
  3. The new regulation provides guidelines for the construction of coffins that must be followed which take into account environmental and occupational health and safety factors.
  4. A new regulation permitting a cemetery authority to dispose of an unclaimed memorial provided specified guidelines have been met.

Regulations for Salisbury Memorial Park
An overview of a wide range of topics including hours of operation, appropriate tributes, licenses, plots, memorials, monuments and exhumations.

Specifications for Salisbury Memorial Park
Measurements and specifications of different types of monuments, memorials and burial sites.

An Exhumation Policy is also in place that clarifies the role and liability of the Salisbury Memorial Park Cemetery and the City of Salisbury, in the event of exhumations and relocation of human remains and memorial work.

Forms and Policies

Under existing State Government Legislation, a cemetery manager can take directions only from the licensee (the person whose name is delegated as owner of the cemetery site) regarding the use of a site. These directions include: interment/s within the cemetery site, the application of a permanent marker and any matter relating to the licence of the site within the cemetery grounds.