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Community Salisbury Memorial Park Dealing With Loss

Frequently Asked Questions

Planning ahead

Acquiring cemetery property before the need arises will not only alleviate the financial burden placed on your loved ones but it will also assist them with the decisions that inevitably need to be made at the time of passing.

It also offers the opportunity of selecting a preferred site within the cemetery, an option often taken when you wish to be buried close to someone you love, and securing the space which may not be available at the time of need.

Contact SMP via telephone on 8406 8317 between 9am and 4:30pm Monday through Friday or via email:

Frequently Asked Questions

For more detailed information, please refer to the page Regulations, licenses and forms or contact Salisbury Memorial park at the phone number and email listed in the previous section.

What restrictions surround floral tributes?

Floral tributes left on grave sites and memorials must be placed in containers made of natural stone or plastic. For the safety of visitors, staff and volunteers, glass is not permitted. Plastic floral holders are available throughout the cemetery free of charge. Spent flowers will be cleared on a regular basis and plastic floral holders will be recycled.

What is the purpose of a licence?

The duration for a burial licence is fifty years, and twenty five years for the rose garden, the shrub garden and the niche wall sections of the cemetery. A licence holder has rights, but also responsibilities. As a registered licence holder you have the right to sole decision as to how the site is used and who is buried within the site. The most important responsibility of a licence holder is to continue to maintain access to the site by way of renewal of the licence. In order to do this the City of Salisbury requires you to notify us of any change in your address.

How many occasions can the burial site be used?

No more than three coffin interments shall be buried in the same burial site. In all burials sites there may be interred a maximum of six people, either a maximum of three burials or a combination of burial and cremated remains, or cremated remains only.

Can personal items be buried with the deceased person?

Yes, although you should discuss your requirements with your funeral director at the time of arranging the funeral service. Your Funeral Director is qualified to ensure that potentially hazardous materials are not included such as a cigarette lighter, etc. Items of value need consideration and are often left to the family as heirlooms. It is not uncommon to include a wedding ring but consideration needs to be given as to whether the ring could become a future family heirloom.

What rules must I follow when scattering ashes?

If you are not placing cremated remains in a cemetery and you wish to scatter the ashes, it is important to get permission from local council for parks, beaches and playing fields. Disposal of ashes without consent from appropriate authorities may result in legal proceedings. Your Funeral Director can assist you with further information.

Can I scatter ashes at sea?

The South Australian Sea Rescue Squadron Inc, offers this service from either O'Sullivan Beach or Adelaide Shores boat ramps. Services can be conducted on board for a limited number of people. Enquiries can be made to the Squadron Headquarters by telephone on 8295 5062.

Can I search for a burial site?

Yes, click the link here to search on burials at Salisbury Memorial Park, Sturton Family Cemetery or Burton Pioneer Cemetery.

Service fees and charges

Salisbury Memorial Park is managed by the City of Salisbury. The fees charged for the services provided cover the administration and operational costs of the cemetery. Any surplus is applied to upgrades of cemetery services or to make provision for the future maintenance of the cemetery.

View the current forms and fees.

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