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Community Salisbury Memorial Park Cremation Services

Cremation Services

For many, cremation is the preferred option to burial and for family members and friends, importance is placed on fitting memorials where they can remember and pay their respects.

Salisbury Memorial Park provides three distinct services for the placement of cremated remains; three memorial styles set in various rose gardens, a native shrub garden and two different niche walls.

To download the most current fees and charges, go to the fees section of the Salisbury Memorial Park page.

For order forms, visit the Regulations, Licenses and Forms page.

Memorial Gardens

Memorial rose garden packages include a monument with a hollow base that holds cremated remains. These are then sealed with a plaque of granite, bronze, sandstone or marble and an inscription with an optional photograph.

The memorial rose garden standard package includes the cost of the lease on which the memorial is sited, the hollow base that holds the cremated remains, the sealing top of either granite or bronze and the lettering for the first inurnment.

Niche Walls

Two different niche walls are attractive features at Salisbury Memorial Park. They have been thoughtfully and carefully placed to provide focal points and to compliment the natural surroundings. Cremated remains can be placed in either a standard brick wall or a sandstone wall and a polished plaque is supplied for inscription of personal details.

It is important to note that if a double site is required, the second site must be purchased at the same time as the first.

Moss Rocks

Cremated remains are placed into a large cored ‘moss' rock which is then sealed with a polished portion of granite. Personal information can then be inscribed onto the granite in either white or gold lettering.

Remembrance Water Feature

Stage 1 of a new memorial dedicated to the remembrance of loved ones who passed away has been completed at Salisbury Memorial Park. The water feature memorial incorporates a limited number of Premium Ground Niches and further enhances the serene and peaceful grounds of Salisbury Memorial Park. Centrally located in the Cemetery, the memorial offers a unique alternative to our traditional Rose and Shrub Garden setting.