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Community Intercultural Strategic Plan


The City of Salisbury is proud to be presenting our Intercultural Strategic Plan that will guide Council’s work over the next 10 years to create and foster a cohesive and inclusive Salisbury.

The Intercultural Strategic Plan provides direction to enable the City of Salisbury to become a welcoming, cohesive intercultural community in which all people can thrive and flourish.

The City of Salisbury plays a significant role in enhancing the experiences of the diverse Salisbury community by:

  • delivering programs and services,
  • advocating for the delivery of initiatives within the region,
  • identifying and developing key partnerships,
  • providing a welcome and supportive environment for new arrivals to settle into the community, and
  • by recognising and celebrating our cultural diversity.

To read the strategy, view the flip book below, request a hardcopy from the City of Salisbury or download below:

Watch our Intercultural Strategy 2017 video

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