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Portal Refugee Week 2022 07

Refugee Welcome Zones

The City of Salisbury is proud to be a Refugee Welcome Zone, a Welcoming City and an Intercultural City.

City of Salisbury spans 161km2 of unique landscapes, consists of 32 suburbs and is home to approximately 141,000 residents.

The population is rich in cultural diversity, with almost 40% of its population born outside Australia and over 60% of refugees entering South Australia settle in the Salisbury area.

Our City is recognised as a national leader in a range of industries including water sustainability, defence, electronics and technology as well as being a centre for manufacturing, distribution and warehousing. Beautiful parks, reserves and wetlands are abundant in Salisbury.

City of Salisbury has an Intercultural Strategic Plan that is the framework for building a sense of inclusion in the City. A Welcome Booklet has been developed as an introductory guide to new residents and is available in 16 languages.

City of Salisbury hosted the largest Interfaith Blessing held in South Australia to date as part of its opening of its new Salisbury Community Hub and continues to reach its diverse community through members of the Interfaith Network.

The Salisbury Intercultural Community Alliance and Salisbury Intercultural Strategic Alliance are networks of community and sector leaders, respectfully, who work together with Council staff on improving the sense of welcoming.

City of Salisbury is the first and only accredited Intercultural City and member of the Intercultural Cities Network and is also a committed Welcoming City.

The council celebrates Refugee Week and Harmony Week with celebrations of the cultural diversity of its population.