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Salisbury City Centre Community Hub

The City of Salisbury is investing in creating a new era for the Salisbury City Centre and facilities for our community through the development of a Community Hub.

The concept was first announced in Council’s Salisbury City Centre Renewal Strategy 2012 and – following extensive preliminary works – we are about to enter the next phase of the project.

The Community Hub which will be a place for the community to come together to exchange ideas, learn, participate and celebrate in a range of flexible community spaces. The modern and contemporary facility will feature civic spaces, a gallery, learning and information facilities, council chambers and office space. It will be a place to showcase and experience the difference Salisbury has to offer and be the social heart of our City Centre.

The project is a high priority for Council reflected as a critical action in our City Plan 2030, and represents a significant commitment and investment into the Salisbury City Centre and our community. The estimated cost of the project is $43.8 million. These project costs have been incorporated into our Long Term Financial Plan. Council is also exploring grant opportunities along with proposed sale of council owned properties of $7 million made available due to the new Community Hub.

The development of the Hub, along with investment by Council in the Salisbury Oval Precinct, will be a signpost to the business sector of Council’s commitment to revitalise the Salisbury City Centre, which we are supporting with works to improve the road network to facilitate better traffic, pedestrian and public transport movements all of these come together to make Salisbury City Centre a growing, exciting and accessible destination.

The Salisbury City Centre will be transformed into a vibrant and modern precinct and a place for all to experience and enjoy.

The Community Hub Design Principles

Aspirational in intent, it builds on a reputation for innovation, becoming a place where business, community and government work in partnership for the benefit of the city. It catalyses the next chapter in the evolution of Salisbury.

A catalyst for the future...

The experience will be authentic and connected; showcasing and building pride in the community’s abilities and talents. We trust and respect each other. We respect our heritage, we celebrate our diversity, are passionate about our place and care about our people.

The community comes first...

Multi-functional in vision and purpose, creating a culture and environment where boundaries are blurred and transparent. Dynamic, purposeful and well utilised the essence of our community where people come together to exchange ideas, learn, participate, celebrate and co-create.

A place to connect where outcomes are mutually valued...

Playful and thoughtful, it is where the experiences are evolving, innovative and inspirational. People are energised by their interaction.

Surprise, delight and inspire...

We will deliver spaces, events and programming that will be accessible, adaptable, flexible and agile. The Hub will showcase the best of our community and business, generating confidence.

Adaptable, flexible and agile...

Activated and with a sense of discovery, it is the people’s gathering space. It is a showcase of what lies at the heart of the community and their passions.

The social heart of the City Centre...

For more information go to Salisbury City Centre.

The Site Location

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