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Community Salisbury Memorial Park Chapel Mausoleum

Places of Worship

Places of worship zones

Places of worship are envisaged land uses in the following Zones:

  • Employment Zone
  • Community Facilities Zone
  • Urban Activity Zone
  • Suburban Activity Zone
  • General Neighbourhood Zone
  • Suburban Neighbourhood Zone
  • Housing Diversity Zone


While Places of Worship are identified as envisaged land use in these Zones, there are important considerations that still need to be satisfied within these zones, including:

  • Access is to an arterial road or sub-arterial road (ie. collector road) with no access via local streets.
  • They are designed to address interface with residential areas, including restricting noise and hours of operation when in close proximity to housing.
  • Adequate on-site car parking is provided (parking rate of 1 space per 3 seats).
  • Small to medium scale facilities may be considered appropriate in General Neighbourhood, Suburban Neighbourhood and Housing Diversity and Local Activity Zones.
  • Large scale places of worship may be considered appropriate at edge of Employment and Strategic Employment Zones; and should demonstrate that proposal is compatible with existing commercial and industrial land uses.

Public notification

Public notification is generally applicable to places of worship in the majority of the Zones.

Public notification involves the following process:

  • 15 business day period of notification;
  • All properties within 60m of the site notified by way of letter;
  • A sign must be displayed on the land;
  • Any person receiving a letter or that observes the sign may submit representation and request to be heard in support of their submission;

Inappropriate zones for places of worship

Places of worship are not envisaged forms of development and therefore considered to be inappropriate in the following Zones:

  • Rural Living Zone
  • Deferred Urban Zone
  • Rural Zone
  • Rural Horticulture Zone

Please note that this summary provides high-level guidance and you can view all the relevant requirements applicable to land on the SA Property and Planning Atlas.

For further information regarding places of worship, please visit Plan SA or contact City of Salisbury planning team on (08) 8406 8222 or email the Planning Team.