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Public Art Together Woven 1

Together Woven


Title of Artwork: Together Woven

Artist/s: Marijana Tadic and Alexis West

Location: Greenfields Wetlands, Salisbury Highway, Greenfields

Form: Sculpture and performance space

Commissioned by: City of Salisbury

Project Partners: Arts SA

Year of Completion: 2013


Together Woven is a heritage marker in recognition of Kaurna people as the original inhabitants of the Adelaide plains. ‘Together Woven’ with its vertical and highly prominent sculpture draws instant attention to the site. The boomerang shape and its references speak clearly and proudly of Kaurna culture.

The art work resembles a net or a flock of birds suspended in the sky. The hollow part within the net suggests that a boomerang has flown through. The concept is based on the traditional Kaurna hunting practice.

The ‘Together Woven’ sculpture points south west towards Kangaroo Island, a sacred place for Kaurna People. Located between two landscaped mounds, the site design consists of accessible paths, a large circular performance space, elliptical shape resting areas, a ceremonial platform and the local flora focus area with a drinking water fountain.

The site incorporates text in the Kaurna and English languages, as well as a time capsule which will promote the awareness and wisdom behind the Kaurna people’s way of life.


  • 2013 Winner KESAB sustainable cities award for heritage and Culture
  • 2014 Finalist for National Awards for Local Government Category for promoting indigenous recognition


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