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Public Art Drawn Place Drawn Space 1

Drawn Place, Drawn Space


Title of Artwork: Drawn Place, Drawn Space

Artist: Leslie Matthews

Form: Metal fencing panels

Commissioned by: Department of Education

Project Partners: City of Salisbury and Arts SA

Year of Completion: 2004


The concept for the artistic fence is The Environment: natural, geographical, historical and multicultural. The design is focused on historical research and images of the local environment, whilst the final images for the designs were created by the children at Mawson Lakes Primary School in response to this theme. Some of the images and colours chosen reflect the history of the area, the existing architectural environment and the colours of the land and soil.

The story of the fence begins with images of Aboriginal mounds, which represent the day to day life of the Kaurna people, skeletal animals and the surrounding environments of the Mawson Lakes School. The next series of images are a representation of what can be found in the local environment. Then with the introduction of images of people, boats and cars there is a representation of western cultural influences, ending with an image of the school itself as an end to this part of the story.


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