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SALA Festival

Welcome to the 2024 SALA Festival in the City of Salisbury!

Discover the vibrant world of South Australian art at the annual South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival. Join us this August as we celebrate the creativity and talent of local artists, with exhibitions held in over 700 venues across the state.

In the City of Salisbury, we will feature three captivating exhibitions at key locations. Come and immerse yourself in the diverse and inspiring works that make SALA a highlight of the cultural calendar. Don't miss out—explore the artistic wonders in Salisbury and beyond!

'Outside In' by Vikki Wakefield

Friday 7 August to Tuesday 10 September

Salisbury Community Hub - John Harvey Community Hall

Natural and suburban landscapes using acrylics to mimic other mediums including oils, watercolours and inks.

'Abstract Earth' by Ashley Pope

Friday 7 August to Tuesday 10 September

Salisbury Community Hub - Level 1

Abstract Earth is a collection of abstract artworks from aerial drone photography. I use the elements of the natural landscape and colours to create these abstract artworks.

'ARTISTIC ODYSSEY' by Salisbury Art Society

Thursday 1 August to Thursday 29 August

The Mawson Centre - 2-8 Mawson Blv, Mawson Lakes

Salisbury Art Society presents an Artistic Odyssey to engage and indulge your creative senses.

Come, join with the Salisbury Art Society on an Artistic Odyssey, exploring and indulging your creative senses.