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Property Valuations

How are property values determined?

The Valuer-General revalues properties every year. The capital improved value of the land also takes into account improvements such as a home, veranda, shed or swimming pool.  Sales of all property types are analysed to determine market movements. This analysis of sales happens throughout the year. For more information, visit the link below:

How is my property valued? 

If I feel my property is wrongly valued, what should I do?

You must lodge your objection to the Valuer-General within 60 days of the date of your first rates notice.

Lodge your objection by completing the online form here and:

  • mailing it to GPO Box 1354, Adelaide SA 5001.
  • delivering it in person to the State Valuation Office at 101 Grenfell Street, Adelaide
  • sending via email to

Revaluation Initiative (RI)

The Office of the Valuer General undertook a Revaluation Initiative Project on behalf of the State Government of South Australia.

Each year, the Valuer-General independently and objectively determines site and capital values for every rateable property in the state (referred to as the General Valuation). Your property valuation may increase or decrease each year depending on changes to your property or as a result of other market influences.

The Valuer-General has undertaken the Revaluation Initiative to improve the accuracy of data that forms the basis of the annual General Valuation and the City of Salisbury was included as part of the current review cycle. This review, which impacts valuations applied to the 2021/22 financial year, may result in increases or decreases to some property values due to influencing factors such as rezoning and redevelopment.

For further information, please visit

For further information

Please call the Office of the State Valuer General on 1300 653 346 for further queries. You may not object to the valuation of your property if the Valuer-General has already considered an objection by you to that valuation. Payment of Council rates cannot be deferred pending the result of an objection to property values and are due and payable by the due date.