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Organisational Structure

Policy and program management, service delivery and corporate support, together form the corporate structure of Council.

The City of Salisbury operates under a corporate structure that categorises activities under five main categories: City Development, Community Development, Business Excellence and City Infrastructure. In addition to these main categories, there is also a Governance & Audit unit.

Each departmental head (called a General Manager) reports to the Chief Executive Officer. All meet twice per month to monitor the progress of project activity and the administration of Council policies.

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(John Harry, CEO pictured)

Departments and Divisions

  • City Development

    General Manager: Terry Sutcliffe
    Development Services
    Economic Development and Urban Policy
    Environmental Health and Safety
    Strategic Development Projects

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  • Community Development

    General Manager: Gail Page
    Community Capacity and Learning
    Community Planning
    Community Health and Wellbeing
    Community Experience

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  • Business Excellence

    General Manager: Charles Mansueto
    Business Systems and Solutions
    Community Experience and Relationships
    Financial Services
    Strategic Procurement
    Salisbury Water
    People and Culture

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  • City Infrastructure

    General Manager: John Devine
    Field Services
    Infrastructure Management
    Infrastructure Delivery
    Property and Buildings

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