City Development

Urban Development

The Urban Development Division plans for future land use and infrastructure development with a focus on regional and neighbourhood land use and transport, maintenance of the Council's Development Plan, coordination of environmental management, major developments and/or special projects.

 Core functions include:

  • planning future land usage
  • major developments  

Economic Development

The Economic Development Division aims to foster the economic development of the City of Salisbury through various support mechanisms and long-term business strategies. It identifies and coordinates the management of community resources and engages in business activity as deemed beneficial to the City by the Council.

Core functions include:

  • economic development strategy delivery
  • relationship management of Federal, State, regional and local development bodies
  • special projects delivery, such as industry attraction and development
  • innovation and workforce program development
  • business advisory services provision

Development Service

Development Services is responsible for services and statutory functions governed by the Local Government Act, Development Act, Heritage Act, Natural Resource Management Act, the Salisbury Development Plan, the Building Code of Australia and the Community Title Act.

Core functions include:

  • assessment of applications under the Development Act including residential, commercial and industrial development
  • providing advice on building and planning matters and unauthorised development
  • ensuring compliance with approved plans
  • investigating complaints for non-compliance with the Development Act

Development Engineering

Development Engineering is responsible for the coordination of engineering and technical advice on stormwater drainage, traffic and landscape and for the assessment of engineering aspects of land division applications.

Core functions include:

  • site inspections
  • provision of technical advice

Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Health and Safety Division is responsible for services and statutory functions under the Public and Environmental Health Act, the Food Act, the Supported Residential Facilities Act, the Environment Protection Act, the Dog and Cat Management Act, By-Laws under the Local Government Act, parking control under the Local Government Act, Australian Road Rules, and Burning Policy under the Environmental Protection Act.

Core functions include:

  • inspection and monitoring of premises used for preparing food for public consumption
  • immunisation
  • environmental health
  • dog registration
  • monitoring, collecting and impounding stray dogs
  • enforcement of car parking controls

Business & Administration Support Services

Core functions include:

  • section seven notices
  • corporate signage
  • registry of lost dogs
  • street renaming
  • administrative support