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New Connections

Can I Connect to Salisbury Water?

Salisbury Water is predominantly supplied to Council reserves and ovals, schools, industry and new residential sub-divisions which are located where the Salisbury Water distribution pipe network has been installed. If your business is located within the vicinity of our network, please fill-in the online application form below to apply to connect to Salisbury Water. Please note in some instances it is not possible to connect to Salisbury Water – each connection application is assessed on a case by case basis.

Only new residents are connected to Salisbury Water where the Developer has funded the substantial piping infrastructure cost. Due to the extremely high cost of installing pipework and retro-fitting pipes through the streets, existing residents are currently not being connected to Salisbury Water. Council will continue to investigate options to reduce this cost.

Installation of Salisbury Water

Salisbury Water (recycled water) plumbing is very distinctive with all pipework, taps and meters coloured purple or lilac. Your installing plumber should ensure they are aware of the installation requirements of the Salisbury Water system.

It is the responsibility of the installing plumber to contact the Office of the Technical regulator (1300 760 311) and Council (8406 8222) to schedule audit inspections for each stage of commissioning to receive a Certificate of Compliance. Council will arrange for the installation of a Salisbury Water meter at your property and the final cross connection audit inspection prior to connection to the Salisbury Water network.

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