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Existing Connections

How do I know if my property is connected to Salisbury Water?

Salisbury Water plumbing is very distinctive with all pipework, taps and meters coloured purple or lilac. To check if your property is connected to Salisbury Water, locate your drinking water meter (which is usually in the front yard). If there is a second meter coloured purple or lilac near your drinking water meter, then you are connected to Salisbury Water.

For further information, please read the Salisbury Water Residential Householders Guide or contact Council on 8406 8222.

Salisbury Water Customer Charter

The Salisbury Water team is dedicated to achieving excellence in the provision of recycled water and achieving quality, effective and timely service. The Salisbury Water Customer Charter provides all Salisbury Water customers with a clear understanding of the standards of service they can expect and their rights and responsibilities. The Charter is applicable for all existing Salisbury Water customers and in the case of new customers, on application for connection to our services or on transfer of a property to you.

As a part of the Salisbury Water Customer Charter we will:

  • Provide you with recycled water that is safe and in accordance with all relevant health and environmental regulatory requirements

You will:

  • Report any leaks, bursts or quality issues to us as soon as possible by calling the emergency number displayed on our website (or by completing the online form]. Provide safe access so that we can ascertain your water consumption for billing purposes Be responsible for arranging and covering the costs of any additional onsite water infrastructure necessary to maintain your required flow rate, which must be installed by an appropriately licensed plumber.

For further information your obligations, rights and responsibilities, please refer to the Salisbury Water Customer Charter.

What if I sell my property?

It is important that Council is informed, prior to settlement, that you are selling your property. When you have confirmed the date of settlement for your property sale you or your conveyancer must inform Council so a final Salisbury Water meter reading can be done. This request must be done no later than 48 hours prior to the settlement of the property.

For a Salisbury Water meter reading, please advise Council by filling in the Salisbury Water Meter Reading Online Form or by phoning 8406 8222.

Cross connection audits

It is critical that there is complete independence between your Salisbury Water and drinking water supply. To ensure cross connection does not occur, City of Salisbury will conduct an audit of residential customers plumbing infrastructure on a five yearly basis at our cost, performed by our licensed plumber. We recommend that a self-cross connection audit is also complete annually.

Download the Salisbury Water Self Audit Form.

Non-residential customers should have a cross connection audit done annually by a licensed plumber or as specified in the individual terms and conditions of supply.

Salisbury Water meters and infrastructure

The pipe and fittings up to and including the inlet riser, the meter and the outlet riser from the meter will remain the property of City of Salisbury. All property from the meter’s outlet riser into your property is your responsibility. It is also your responsibility to ensure the Salisbury Water meter is easily located and accessible for quarterly meter readings.

Replacement recycled water tap handle

Replacement of the removable tap handle for your recycled water tap(s) is your responsibility. You may be able to source what is called a “4-way proof key” or “removable recycled water tap handle” from plumbing suppliers.

Request to relocate your Salisbury Water meter

In some instances you may wish to relocate your existing Salisbury Water service connection to another point within four meters of the current service connection. Please note the cost of relocating the meter is at your cost, a quote will be provided for each request.

To notify Council of having your Salisbury Water service relocated, please complete the Salisbury Water Service Relocation Online Form.

How to report a leak or burst?

You must advise us as soon as possible if you have a leak or burst from your Salisbury Water supply. You can advise us by phoning 8406 8222 or alternatively if the leak is not urgent and can be isolated you may advise us by emailing as soon as possible.

If you do have a burst, please turn the water off immediately at the recycled water meter (purple meter) before contacting us.

How can I check if I have a leak / or why has my water bill increased?

If you think you have a leak or have received a water bill which is higher than expected or normal, it could be for a number of reasons, including: you are establishing a new garden/grassed area or have utilised Salisbury Water for another unknown reason.

If the reason for increased consumption is unknown, then you may have a leak. Here are some tips which might help identify if you have a leak or some other issue:

  • Check outside irrigation systems for any visible leaks or unusual green patches on grassed areas
  • Check automatic irrigation systems, if applicable, to ensure the system is set to turn on and off at the desired times
  • Check toilets, if connected to Salisbury Water, for any leaks both in the toilet bowl and the cistern
  • If your recycled water is connected to your rainwater tank, check to ensure the tank level is set correctly and the tanks aren’t overflowing
  • Do a meter read check – read your Salisbury Water (purple) meter before and after a two hour period when no water is being used (this includes flushing of toilets). If the meter does not read exactly the same, you may have a leak.

If you suspect you have a leak, we advise you to contact us as soon as possible. We will then advise you of the best procedure to follow to rectify the problem.

Please note, all recycled water property from the meter outlet riser into your property is your responsibility.

Mawson Lakes residents

The Mawson Lakes Reclaimed Water Scheme is an innovative project which was established by City of Salisbury, Land Management Corporation, Delfin Lend Lease and SA Water to provide reclaimed water to the Mawson Lakes Development through a reclaimed water network.

City of Salisbury plays an important part in supplying Salisbury Water from the Parafield Stormwater Recycling Scheme that is then blended with reclaimed effluent from the Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plant – before being distributed to the Mawson Lakes Development.

The Mawson Lakes Recycled water system which supplies recycled water to all residents living in Mawson Lakes is run entirely by SA Water. For any customer related enquiries or for further information on your recycled water supply in Mawson Lakes, please refer to the SA Water website.

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