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There are a range of State wide parking laws, regulations and rules that apply to all road users, with the aim to make our roads safe, ensure traffic and public transport flows smoothly, pedestrian safety is maintained and accessible parking is provided to all those that need it.

Signage is provided in many situations, but in others, it is the responsibility of drivers to know the parking and road rules that apply. For some of the common rules please refer to our Parking Laws Brochure.

Parking near schools

Due to the chaotic nature of traffic around schools at peak times, streets can be an extremely dangerous place for children. Young children have not yet fully developed their cognitive abilities. Their perception, judgement and awareness of potentially dangerous situations are not adequately developed to enable them to cope with the road traffic.

Children are not easily visible and often act impulsively, which means if you are driving around a school take special care, to ensure we keep our children safe. Remember that children copy adults so you need to encourage good road sense, watch them closely and lead by example.

Our Keeping your Child Safe Around Schools flyer contains more information including helpful tips and parking examples.

Parking in Salisbury City Centre

Car parking areas within the Salisbury City Centre have time limits for general use, customer, and interchange passengers. Please check car parking signs to verify parking limitations and conditions when parking your car. If our map does not display a limit, please check the signs at the car park.

Salisbury City Centre Parking Web Map

Parking expiation photographs

If you have received a parking expiation and wish to view any expiation photographs that were taken, follow the link below.

Parking Expiation Photographs

Parking expiation nomination

If you have received a parking expiation and wish to nominate a new owner or driver please complete the form below.

Nomination Form

Parking trucks in local streets

Trucks and buses that are either 4.5 tonnes or greater, or 7.5 metres or longer can only be parked within the City of Salisbury for a maximum of 1 hour.

Trucks and buses are not permitted to be parked on residential premises without planning approval.

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