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Narrow Street Parking

The enforcement of verge parking in narrow streets is subject to the following criteria (narrow streets have been defined as any residential street that has a vehicle carriageway of six metres wide or less):

• Approximately 50% of the left hand side of the vehicle can be driven onto the verge provided that:

  • No other Australia Road rule is being breached.
  • The tyres are not placed on a footpath, unless the footpath is immediately adjacent to the kerb and there is more than 1 metre of clear space available for pedestrian access and cycle access.
  • If there isn’t a footpath then there must be at least 1 metre of clear space available for pedestrian access.
  • Residents can only park this way directly in front of their own property or with the permission of the property owner.
  • The vehicles must be facing in the direction of travel.
  • The exemption does not apply to commercial or heavy vehicles.
  • The property owner/resident and or vehicle owner/driver is liable for any damage to the verge and will be responsible for repairs.

• Some locations are not suitable for parking in this manner due to visibility, other safety concerns for road users or pedestrians, high pedestrian access and or cycling areas and the presence of verge infrastructure or approved verge developments, and as such this may result in this guide not being applicable and the property owner/resident will be advised accordingly.