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Tattooing and piercing

Any business that offers services involving skin penetration - including any process, whether intentionally or otherwise, that involves the shaving, piercing, cutting, puncturing or tearing of the skin or mucous membrane - must take reasonable steps to protect both clients and staff.

Business owners and operators must carry out procedures that are professional, competent, safe and hygienic and must be aware of the possible wider consequences of the procedures they use.

Most seriously, where procedures involving penetration of the skin are not managed correctly, they can be the means of transmitting blood-borne infections including hepatitis B or hepatitis C or HIV.

It is essential that proprietors and staff understand the precautions that need to be taken to minimise the likelihood of infection or spread of disease.

The Australian Public and Environmental Health Council has prepared the publication 'Guidelines on the Safe and Hygienic Practice of Skin Penetration' to provide an overview of the legislation, recommended hygiene and protective wear as well as skin preparation and environment. It includes information on specific practices and links to other guidelines with which owners and staff must familiarise themselves.

Download an Adobe PDF copy of the 'Guidelines on the Safe and Hygienic Practice of Skin Penetration'

To register a new beauty premises please complete the Beauty Licence Request Form.