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Supported residential facilities

Supported residential facilities (SRFs) provide accommodation and personal services to older people and people with physical disabilities. Unlike residential aged care facilities, SRFs do not receive government subsidies so residents must pay for their care directly. Services, conditions and facilities can vary.

Under legislation governing SRFs, City of Salisbury Public and Environmental Health Services Division is responsible for inspection and licensing of premises used for supported residential care. Annual audits are conducted of all facilities with Council jurisdiction and licenses are renewed if facilities meet satisfactory standards of hygiene and patient care. Residents and their families are encouraged to initially lodge complaints with the management of an SRF. Unresolved concerns can be referred to the City of Salisbury Environmental Health division for investigation.

Below are Adobe PDF copies of the South Australia regulations pertaining specifically to the administration of SRFs. There are separate regulations and compliance requirements relating to service categories such as food service, personal care services, etc. as well as facilities such as public pools and spas.