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Food Safety: Inspection Policy

The City of Salisbury has more than 900 food premises located in the Council area, ranging from full scale manufacturing facilities to home based catering activities.

The Public and Environmental Health section conducts routine inspections of all food premises, including food vans and stalls. The frequency of the inspections is based on a risk assessment rating.

The objective of the inspections is to assess premises, educate food handlers and enforce the relevant sections of the, Food Act 2001, Food Safety Regulations 2017, and Food Safety Standards.

Food Premises inspections include the assessment of the following areas:

  • structural condition of the premises
  • cleanliness of premises and equipment
  • food handler's level of hygiene
  • food handling practices
  • food storage

Routine inspections under the Food Act are subject to fees in accordance with the Council policy 'Food Act Inspection Fee Policy'.

For information and resources available from the South Australia Department of Health relating to Food Safety and business, visit the Food Safety Index page.