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Food Safety: Auditing

Standard 3.3.1, part of the Food Standards Code, applies mandatory food safety programs to food businesses that process or serve potentially hazardous food to vulnerable persons. Businesses primarily included are hospitals, aged care, childcare centres and delivered meals organisations.

Businesses in these sectors required to have a mandatory food safety program will require an audit at least annually by a Department of Health approved food safety auditor.

To assist businesses the Department of Health, with industry support, has developed food safety program templates for the hospital, aged care and childcare sectors. These templates provide step by step guidance to assist businesses to develop food safety programs.

You can download the templates as either editable Word documents or as PDFs from the Food Safety programs page of the South Australia Department of Health web site.

You can download Standard 3.3.1 (36.3 KB PDF) from the South Australia Department of Health web site