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Development Council Major St Kilda Masterplan

St Kilda Masterplan Stage 2 – Marine Recreation Precinct and Mangroves

St Kilda Stage 2 Masterplan

The St Kilda Stage 2 masterplan was endorsed by Council at its meeting on 24 July 2017. The master plan seeks to address a range of issues including:

  • Improving traffic movement around the site by addressing efficiency of movement and ensuring safety for all vehicles and pedestrians
  • Enhancing security and amenity/views for RV vehicles in close proximity to facilities
  • Improving the condition, quantity and configuration of parking facilities to provide greater capacity and address the conflicts that are currently arising between coaches, visitors utilising the boat facilities and visitors to the adventure play space
  • Improving the experience for users of the boating facilities by addressing the current congestion and issues associated with gaining access to the boat launch ramp
  • Improving the amenity, visibility and safety of pedestrians and wayfinding to key destination points

View a copy of the endorsed masterplan here.

Authorisation has been provided to progress the first elements of that plan – the construction of an additional boat ramp, channel works and the relocation of the existing RV parking area. The construction of the additional boat ramp and channel works will include improving safety and efficiency of launching and retrieval by providing additional pontoons for mooring. Design work for these elements will be undertaken in 2018/19 with construction expected to occur in 2019/20 and 2020/21.

Subsequent elements will include

  1. Asphalting the main car park adjacent to the play space, formalising 189 car parks.
  2. Improving traffic movement by constructing two roundabouts on Cockle Street.The design of Cockle Street will incorporate a bus layover area capable of accommodating seven coaches between the roundabouts and immediately to the east of the easternmost roundabout.
  3. Enhancing pedestrian access throughout the precinct by developing a path network including a link between the kiosk and the mangrove trail.
  4. Stabilising and resurfacing the existing trailer park. Line mark for 120 long trailer bays, install an additional washdown area and new gross pollutant trap.
  5. Stabilising and surfacing underutilised open space on Cockle Street to create 134 additional car parking spaces.The design of the car park will incorporate a native vegetation buffer between the adjacent residential area.
  6. Constructing a slip lane at the intersection of Mangrove Street and St Kilda Road to support bus and long vehicle turning movements towards the bus layover area in Cockle Street.

The development of the masterplan was informed by a community consultation process in early 2017. This included face to face interviews in the precinct, an electronic survey on Council’s website a community workshop and a stakeholder workshop.

View a copy of the report detailing the outcomes of that engagement process here.