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Event City of Salisbury Womens Safety Summit

Women’s safety summit to take holistic approach to combatting violence

Well-known domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty and representatives from Port Adelaide Football Club and the Australian Refugee Association are among key leaders from diverse sectors who will come together for a one-day Women’s Safety Summit in November.

Hosted by City of Salisbury in partnership with White Ribbon Australia and the Northern Homelessness and Violence Against Women Collaboration, the summit will focus on a whole-of-community approach to preventing men’s violence against women, including discussing and developing ideas for primary prevention activities.

Mayor Gillian Aldridge OAM said domestic violence remained a significant community issue, with 12 women in Australia hospitalised every day due to domestic and family violence.

City of Salisbury is proud to be doing our part to address what is an all too prevalent issue that affects all parts of our community.

It is hoped that we can have community members from as many backgrounds as possible join together to lead the way forward in preventing violence against women.

Mayor Gillian Aldridge OAM

White Ribbon Australia Executive Director Brad Chilcott said it was important to engage with all parts of the community in order to tackle the issue of violence against women in Adelaide’s northern suburbs.

We know that unique approaches may be necessary for different groups – from sporting clubs and cultural communities to business, health and community services and education providers – in order to change attitudes, behaviours and beliefs that can contribute to the prevalence of domestic violence and abuse.

Achieving a future where women are safe from all forms of men’s violence and abuse requires cultural and social transformation – and this means we need everyone to be a part of the solution. We’re looking forward to working with the City of Salisbury to engage men, boys and the whole community in the work of change.

Brad Chilcott

Key presenters Rosie Batty and Associate Professor Michael Salter, an expert in gendered violence, will address attendees via video conference while a panel discussion will engage leaders from the refugee, sporting, education, health and faith sectors as well as the broader community.

Rosie Batty said everyone has a role to play in preventing violence against women.

We know that violence is unacceptable and we know that it is a choice that too many men make in order to control the women in their lives.

As a community, we are able to change this and by our actions, we are able to prevent it from happening before it is able to start.

Everyone has a role to play – businesses, faith and multicultural groups, sporting clubs and community services – we can prevent men’s violence against women if we all contribute to the change we need to see.

Rose Batty

Attendees will be encouraged to develop their ideas and compile them into a draft community response plan that will contribute to women’s safety in the City of Salisbury and be considered in line with the federal government’s National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children.

The summit will be held on 30 November and you can register here.