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Consultations TreeClimb Salisbury Community Consultation 4

TreeClimb Salisbury proposed for Harry Bowey Reserve

TreeClimb has grown massively in popularity over the past couple of years, with countless people trading the ground for the treetops. The popular company has proposed to invest $1 million to potentially create an aerial adventure park at Harry Bowey Reserve, with the City of Salisbury wanting to hear from the community.

Council will now consider the company’s proposal, which would include providing a lease to TreeClimb for more than five years.

TreeClimb is made up of many suspended tree-based challenge courses each aimed to create and nurture a unique environment that allows people to experience nature in a new and exciting way.

Using well proven European technology, the course construction leaves no lasting effect on the trees enabling unimpeded growth ensuring continued health and maturity.

City of Salisbury residents will have until Wednesday, 31 August 2022 to have their say on how they might engage with the potential TreeClimb Salisbury development through an online or printed survey.

The information from the survey will allow Council to understand how much interest there would be from the community to visit an aerial adventure park at the reserve, as well as allow for constructive comments.

TreeClimb, which was formed in 2014, has gained popularity throughout South Australia since creating Adelaide’s first nature-based adventure park in the heart of Adelaide’s parklands in October 2018.

Since the opening of TreeClimb’s inaugural Adelaide parklands location nearly four years ago, the company has welcomed over 170,000 climbers.

TreeClimb Salisbury is expected to be open to the public by mid-to-late 2023, subject to approval from the City of Salisbury.

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