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Consultations TreeClimb Salisbury Community Consultation 4

TreeClimb Salisbury Community Consultation

Submissions closed

The City of Salisbury invites you to provide feedback on a proposed development of TreeClimb Salisbury, a unique and exciting nature based adventure park to be located within Harry Bowey Reserve, Salisbury Park.

What is TreeClimb?

TreeClimb is made up of numerous suspended tree-based challenge courses each aimed to create and nurture a unique environment that safely challenges, educates and excites thrill-seekers, nature enthusiasts and curious adventurers.

Using well proven European technology the course construction leaves no lasting effect on the trees enabling unimpeded growth ensuring continued health and maturity. A strict tree health policy is implemented involving regular Arborist reports and tree health audits as part of our operating procedures.

The team behind TreeClimb has a proven track record of safety and successful attraction development and operations both in Australia and across Asia.

Venues currently include TreeClimb Adelaide and Kuitpo Forest, Forest Adventure Singapore, BOUNCE in Singapore and Bangkok and Zero Latency in Singapore, Bangkok and Macau.

TreeClimb is a 50:50 joint venture between S & S Packer Pty Ltd, and TreeClimb Australia Holdings Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of the Tomorrow Entertainment Group.

S & S Packer Pty Ltd is the Company behind TreeClimb Creator and Managing Director Seb Packer. TreeClimb Adelaide.

The proposed open date will be dependant upon construction, but aims to be open mid to late 2023.

To ensure ongoing user safety and a healthy park a full site Arborist survey and individual tree health report is conducted prior to final course submissions.

These tree reports help identify the health of each tree being considered and allows for adequate and appropriate management of each tree during the lifetime of the project.

Safety forms the foundation of TreeClimb’s operations. TreeClimb’s operating model has been refined to optimise customer experiences whilst not compromising safety. Some of these measures include:

  • World leading ropes course builders Altus Constructions are used to design and build all courses.
  • Australian Standards followed for the construction of all obstacles.
  • All users are fully harnessed with head protection and are connected to the safety line at all times (continuous belay system) providing a safe experience.
  • Strict policies and procedures exist to manage all weather conditions
  • Clear and concise conditions of entry for all users including electronic waivers.
  • All systems and procedures approved by WorkSafe authorities prior to opening
  • Trees inspected quarterly by a qualified, independent arborist to ensure tree health and course safety.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly maintenance schedules and procedures are employed
  • Regular site visits are undertaken by Emergency Services to ensure Evacuation Plans are adequately prepared.

Harry Bowey Reserve was chosen for it’s existing facilities, parking and picnic areas making it an ideal location to create a new and vibrant nature-based activation.

TreeClimb will be open to all members of the public with family friendly courses designed for the whole, family, children on their own and adults on their own.

All course obstacles are built to safely function well clear of all existing users of the Reserve. The lowest platforms sit over 4.7m above ground level with some well over 8m in the air.

Positioning of all of the main course elements has been designed in a way to allow for full and unrestricted use and enjoyment of Harry Bowey Reserve by all current visitors. Designing the service path as the main functioning traffic corridor for users of TreeClimb avoids the main picnic zones and toilet areas within the Reserve.

The City of Salisbury is considering providing a lease to TreeClimb in excess of five (5) years. Given TreeClimb’s investment, it will be necessary to provide them a lease period that is long enough to maximise the investment. TreeClimb have proposed to build amongst the existing natural environment of the Harry Bowey Reserve, Salisbury Park to benefit the residents of the City of Salisbury.