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Strengthening Community with The Blue Tree Project

Supported by the City of Salisbury and driven by former president of the Gilles Plains Lions Club, Lance Crook, club volunteers recently came together to paint a tree blue in the Paddocks Reserve as part of The Blue Tree Project.

The Blue Tree Project brings new life to dead trees by painting them blue and making them a symbol for mental health.

Life can be challenging and everyone needs to know that we share similar difficulties as we focus on our own busy lives. Maintaining meaningful connections to each other is vital to our health and wellbeing. We are proud to support initiatives like the Blue Tree Project that remind us to look out for one another

Mayor Gillian Aldridge OAM

Opening conversations that might have otherwise never been held, the project looks to reduce stigma about mental health and provide support for struggling individuals and communities.

The message: it is OK to not be OK. A sign with this message was affixed to the blue tree.

The event went well and attracted curious passersby who thought it was a great idea. Some spoke with volunteers sharing their own stories as the tree was being painted demonstrating that the project had already provided a significant impact for mental health awareness and had connected the community on all-too-often hidden but relatable life experiences.

The Council intends to continue supporting this important project and will work with the Gilles Plains Lions Club to paint more trees in our City.