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1 January City Wide Trails

Cycle Salisbury Social Rides 10th Birthday Ride

City of Salisbury invites the community to join in the annual Cycle Salisbury Birthday Ride! Celebrating its 10th year, City of Salisbury are hosting various rides, of 5 to 20 kilometres to suit all riding levels and abilities.

Delivered in partnership with Bike SA, the Cycle Salisbury Program was developed to get more people riding more often. The project’s mission was to improve health and wellbeing of the community, and influence long-term healthy lifestyles.

Ten years on, the regular social rides have not only become popular among the community, but have helped people completely turn their health around. Every year, the group has over 110 opportunities to locals to enjoy a ride. Numbers are increasing consistently, having broken a new record in 2022, with 1271 riders across the year.

I absolutely love that the Cycle Salisbury Program is still running after all this time and has reached 10 years. We have such beautiful trails and I love seeing people embrace the outdoor beauty of our home, and looking after themselves in the process.

Mayor Gillian Aldridge OAM

The Cycle Salisbury Social Rides take the pressure off group fitness. With no bookings, riders can simply be at the meeting point when the ride is due to depart, and embrace any of the sessions that run every Saturday, 2 Sundays, and 2 Wednesdays per month.

Through a variety of testimonials over the years, participants have provided feedback about how much Cycle Salisbury Social Rides have helped them with their health and wellbeing, with some very inspiring stories of health and fitness journeys.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or someone who likes a slow ride to take in the fresh air, choose a ride that suits you. Take either a family ride around the park, fast paced or a slower paced ride along Little Para Trail, or take a mountain bike ride to Cobblers Creek to explore. The Cycle Salisbury 10th Birthday Ride will be held on 2 September, meeting at Shelter Shed, Carisbrooke Park Reserve, Main North Road. There will be special guests and acknowledgements in the morning at 9:30am, and rides will commence shortly thereafter.


Enquiries to: Christie Thompson, Media and Public Relations Advisor, City of Salisbury. 0481 460 729