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Council About Our Vision

Our Vision

Salisbury - a progressive, sustainable and connected community

City Plan 2035 contains a vision for Salisbury to be ‘a progressive, sustainable and connected community’. It has three directions that capture the social, environmental and economic influences on Salisbury, and one direction that addresses factors within Salisbury Council itself.

City Plan 2035 contains the following four key directions:

A welcoming and liveable City – Encompasses issues that affect the liveability of the City and the health and wellbeing of its people, including safety, social connections, the look and feel of our neighbourhoods, and the facilities and programs available to support our community’s aspirations.

A sustainable City - Includes protecting and conserving our diverse natural environment to support biodiversity, reducing Council’s environmental footprint, ensuring we make the most of our resources and enabling our community, environment and infrastructure to be resilient to a changing climate.

A growing City that creates new opportunities - This focuses on how we support the success and growth of local businesses, job opportunities for our residents, attracting investment, quality urban planning and providing infrastructure that supports economic activity.

Innovation and Business Development – Outlines how Council will work to provide exceptional experiences, deliver quality outcomes and be recognised as a great place to work.

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