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Council About Our Values

Our Values

Our Vision

Salisbury - a progressive, sustainable and connected community.

Our Purpose

To make a positive difference for those who visit, live and work in Salisbury and to leave our community in a better state for future generations.

Our Values

These Values empower us to ReACH towards our Vision, deliver exceptional community experiences, quality outcomes and a great place to work.

Council About Values Respectful


  • Create a sense of belonging and pride in the Salisbury community
  • Respect individual differences
  • Speak up when you don’t feel respected, or are not being treated respectfully
  • Look after the wellbeing of our community, ourselves and those around us
Council About Values Accountable


  • Take personal ownership and follow-through
  • Deliver on what we say we will do
  • Believe that the community comes first
  • Speak up when it is important
Council About Values Collaborative


  • Work together, committed to a common purpose
  • Openly share information
  • Find ways to connect people for better outcomes
Council About Values Helpful


  • Listen and focus on what we can do
  • Create new futures and look for opportunities
  • Make a positive difference

Our Successes

  • Exceptional community experiences
  • Quality outcomes
  • Great place to work

Our Commitment

Our Values are our commitment to you - our community, that describe what to expect when you interact with us and also help to guide decisions about services we deliver.

We have identified four values that we believe will help us to deliver exceptional community experience, quality outcomes and a great place to work.

These values were developed through a series of workshops with our community and our staff. We consulted with various community groups to provide an opportunity to review our draft values and ensure they will be meaningful for people in their community group, and the language is simple and easy to understand.

We acknowledge the following groups for their feedback:

  • Youth Council
  • Intercultural Alliance Group
  • Volunteers Group

Our Elected Members were also involved in workshops to review the draft values and they have been signed off by Council.

We believe we have developed values that are unique to the City of Salisbury and our community.