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Our Community

Data from the 2021 Census provides a comprehensive look at various aspects of our community, social and population demographics.

Community Surveys

View the results of our latest and previous Community Surveys

Community Profile

The City of Salisbury Community Atlas presents key socio-demographic characteristics for the area in a series of interactive maps. Based on data from the 2021 Census of Population and Housing (Australian Bureau of Statistics), each map is prepared using the finest level of detail to help identify spatial patterns and trends in the area. For details, visit the Community Profile website.

Social Atlas

The City of Salisbury Social Atlas presents Census data in its most compelling form – as a series of thematic maps that show how particular population groups are distributed across the City of Salisbury. There are over 90 individual maps, each representing a community of interest, such as young children, or the elderly. The maps are shaded to show where there are concentrations of these communities of interest, which enables planners to accurately assess the demand for the provision of services and facilities to target populations. For details, visit the Social Atlas website.

Population Forecasts

The City of Salisbury population forecasts outline the drivers of population change and forecasts how population, age structure and household types will change across your Local Government Area and suburbs. This data is presented in easy to use tables, charts and commentary and is designed to inform community groups, Council, investors, businesses, students and the general public. For details, visit the Population Forecasts website.