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Our Vision

The vision you helped us develop:

“Salisbury - a flourishing City with opportunity for all”

Our Vision is outlined in City Plan 2030 and provides practical strategies and actions to build on our existing assets and make the most of opportunities that have the potential to be transformative for not only the City of Salisbury, but the northern Adelaide region more broadly.

City Plan 2030 contains the following 4 key directions:

Prosperous City – driving Economic growth in South Australia, creating more jobs, providing people with skills and knowledge to connect to those jobs and sustainably increasing our population.

Sustainable City - A place where people actively experience and care for their natural environment, where green industries thrIve and our urban and natural spaces are adaptive to future changes in climate.

Liveable City - A welcoming community that celebrates its diversity, embraces change and where people are able to participate in community life. Its a City with interesting places and experiences.

Enabling Excellence – A council where people work because that can make a difference, an organisation that anticipates, understands and meets community needs, a Council with a positive attitude. Each direction includes a statement of what we want to aspire to achieve during the life of the City Plan, how we will achieve it and the indicators that will tell us how our City is progressing.


Find out more about City Plan 2030 and Our Vision.